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Software Testing 

Innovative Methods in Software Testing

The objective of Innovative Methods in Software Testing, the ICITCS 2016 Software Testing Track, is to share and discuss the current advances in software testing, verification and quality assurance methods.
The current rapid development of information technologies creates also number of challenges: increasing demand on reliability of the systems, shortened time to market and demand for lower costs of software development, growing complexity of information systems,
stronger demands on real-time functionality of the systems and others related.
As a response to these challenges, innovative and efficient quality assurance methods have to be researched, developed and applied.
This track is organized as a part of ICITCS’s 6th International Conference on IT Convergence and Security.  ICITCS2016 will be held on September 26th-29th, 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic.


Researchers and industrial experts are invited to submit papers in area of software testing, verification and quality assurance. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Advances in test design techniques
  • Model based testing
  • Model checking and verification
  • Runtime verification
  • Automated testing
  • Security testing
  • Integration testing techniques
  • Testing techniques in context of Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Testing specifics of mobile applications
  • Quality metrics, economics and ROI of testing

Visit the official website :  Software Testing Special Track

karlstejn에 대한 이미지 검색결과